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Welcome to K'Rob'sArt

Decorate your home, Accessorize your life!


Kelly Robinson, Abstract Artist

     I started KRobsArt in 2019, and since then, I've been creating colorful and abstract artwork that is full of energy and emotion. I find joy in the process of painting and creating something unique with my own hands.
My artwork is often described as “eye candy” and has been featured in several galleries. Although I have no formal training in the arts, the pandemic has allowed me to explore my passion and grow as an artist. I'm constantly learning and pushing my creative boundaries. Come join me in my journey!

Thank You,

Kelly Robinson

Artist/Founder of K'


KRobsArt is the home of abstract art and the place to find inspiring and thought-provoking works of art. I explore a variety of styles and techniques to create unique and captivating pieces. My art uses a range of shapes, forms, colors, marks and textures to create a visual language that conveys emotion and conveys a message without necessarily representing any object. I strive to create pieces that are able to evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue, as well as being both aesthetically pleasing and powerful. I invite you to have a look around and explore my work.



Decorate Your Home and Accessorize Your Life

Creating unique and captivating abstract art for the modern world. I strive to bridge the gap between abstraction and realism by using a diverse range of colors and forms. My work is intended to evoke emotions and tell stories without the use of traditional subject matter. I believe that art is a form of self-expression and invite you to explore my world and be inspired.  I’ve been experimenting and developing my skills and processes. I find inspiration everywhere I look, and that inevitably filters down into my work. Reach out for additional info regarding my process.

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